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Four Seasons Cup

Calling all Freelander clubs and owners: a new series of challenge weekends announced by off-road enthusiasts

A number of brand new ‘Four Seasons’ events for Land Rover Freelander owners will be taking place across the UK during 2019, with the emphasis on fund-raising and fun. The events are the brainchild of a team that includes Mick Gillett, Mark Allard, Richard Hopkins, Chris Ratter, Selwyn Kendrick and Edward Bowen-Jones.

Each event will take place over a weekend, and will consist of: 
• a comp safari (timed single venue cross country stage rally) 
• a treasure hunt
• an auto test

The team say each event will guarantee a great venue and a fantastic opportunity for Freelander drivers to test their skills and experience across a variety of disciplines and in all sorts of driving conditions. “First and foremost we will be creating an environment where everyone is welcome, and where there is a great opportunity to learn skills such as vehicle control, driving techniques, navigation and teamwork,” says Selwyn Kendrick.

”Added to this is the fun element, as well as a little bit of competitive spirit that guarantees a memorable weekend.”

The Four Seasons events are planned during 2019; two in mid Wales, one in south-east England and another in southern Scotland.

The first of the four events takes place on the weekend of 9 and 10 March in Clyro, where the very first hill rally stage took place in 1992.

Most of the team are no strangers to fund-raising events, having committed a significant amount of their time to volunteering for a number of cancer charities over the past two decades.

In 2018, Selwyn Kendrick won a regional Macmillan Sir Hugh Dundas Award, which recognises volunteers who go above and beyond all other criteria to make an outstanding contribution to the charity’s fundraising.

Anyone interested in finding out more should contact Richard Hopkins on 07974 097166.

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For more details please contact Richard Hopkins on 07974 097166.